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From 12/3/2018 until 31/3/2018, when coming to Nam Spa, you will have a change to get discount up to 30%:

  • Get 10% discount when coming to Nam Spa in golden time between 12:00 - 17:00, from Monday to Friday.
  • Get 10% discount when making reservation via phone number (028) 6264.9430 or inbox Fanpage.
  • Get 10% discount when coming from 2 people up together.
  • Free 1 herbal tea for VIP Membership of Nam Spa.


  • Promotion is applied for all massage and scrub services. Promotion can be combined. The maximum value is 30%.
  • Golden Time promotion is applied when you finish using service between 12:00 - 17:00, from Monday to Friday..
  • This program is not combined with other offerings, in case customers are getting different offerings at that time, we will choose the most valuable offering to apply.
  • This program is applied for customers who pay by Gentlement Prepaid Card, but it's not applied for buying new card balance.
  • Let's come and enjoy your time at Nam Spa!


    Main services

    30% Discount is applied for the second main service.

    Sauna                                          VND 300.000

    Free sauna when using any main service.

    Body Massage 60    60 mins    VND 450.000

    Body Massage 90    90 mins    VND 600.000

    Stimulation of upper and underlying tissues. Achieving either general relaxation or a therapeutic effect, helping relaxing the whole body, lymphatic drainage, enhancement of blood circulation

    Thai Massage 60    60 mins    VND 500.000

    Thai Massage 90    90 mins    VND 650.000

    Thai traditional stimulation of acupoints, pulse, nerves, bones and joints, respiration and circulation, Achieving either general relaxation or a therapeutic effect, recovering your vitality and energy.

    Facial 60    60 mins    VND 300.000

    Facial 90    90 mins    VND 450.000

    Sauna for Facial    unlimited    VND 150.000

    A cleaning facial, which restores and revitalizes the skin with natural products for every skin type - hydrating - nourshing, soothing and purifying. Facial service do not included sauna. If you wanna use sauna, please combine "Sauna for Facial" service for the total fee. You can choose 1 in 3 types of facial masks: gren tea, turmeric, avocado.

    Body Scrub & Mask   60 mins   VND 450.000

    Body scrub and Body mask with fresh natural combination.

  • Body Scrub (choose one): sea salt + fresh milk, green tea + fresh milk, coffee + fresh milk
  • Body Mask (choose one): aloe vera + fresh milk, avocado + fresh milk, pumpkin + fresh milk.
  • Additional services

    Enrich your experiences with Nấm Spa specific therapies

    Herbal Wine    +15 mins    VND 100.000

    The very unique service is based on vietnamese traditional method of therapeutic wine therapy (with herbal remedies). The benefits of this service are many: cure headache, release pain, reduce state anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate as temporary effects...

    Hot Stone    +30 mins    VND 200.000

    Warm, smooth, volcanic basalt stones are placed alongside the spinal chord and body, in the palms of the hands to create a flow of positive energy. This is a physical and spiritual journey to relieve stiffness and offer your an amazing relaxation.

    Slim Fit    +15 mins    VND 100.000

    A special care with specific cream at your abdomen area to help reducing the extra fat

    Foot Massage    +30 mins    VND 150.000

    The therapy involves apply pressure to specific peripheral nerves and places on your feet, triggering blood circulation for excellent relaxation. This is especially very beneficial for those who have to sit in long time or too busy walks throughout the day

    Fomentation    +15 mins   VND 100.000

    After long flight, you may have trouble in your body. This treatment is loosening of muscles, drainage and improvement of blood circulation and to relieve the "heavy legs" feelings

    Body Scrub    +30 mins    VND 200.000

    Body scrub with micro-processed seaweed, seasalt and milk

    In NAM, gratuities are included in the price of the service. If you would like to prize the quality of the service you may of course leave your tipping in the box at the counter. The sum will be awarded to the therapists at the end of the month. You are kindly asked not give the money to the therapist directly.

    Drink Menu

    • 1. Herbal Tea   25.000 VND

      A special combinations of: Ginger, lemongrass, chrysanthemum, monk fruit and green tea

      Trà Thảo Mộc

    • 2.Mixture of six   35.000 VND

      Drink braised from six oriental medicine herbs

      Dưa leo cuộn bò

    • 3. Orange Juice   35.000 VND

      with honey   +5.000 VND   /   No ice   +5.000 VND

      Xúc xích nướng thơm

    • 4. Fruit Juice   35.000 VND

      Water melon, pineapple, guava, apple, mango, passion fruit, carrot

      Thịt xông khói cuộn đậu hũ

    • 5. Ice blended yogurt   35.000 VND

      Orange, passion fruit, mango, pineapple, matcha

      Chả gà tiêu xanh

    • 6. Matcha tea with honey   35.000 VND

      Hot   /   Cold

      Chả giò rau củ

    • 7. Matcha milk tea   35.000 VND

      Hot   /   Cold

      Đậu hũ cuộn nấm

    Become a member

    Get either below cards, you are ready to enjoy the Namspa's membership privilege at a very attractive discount package on all services offer.

    gent man

    Unlimited steam room service: GentlemenWet card

    Special offers

    • 30% discount on body massage or facial services
    • 10% discount on food and beverage
    • 50% discount on sauna rate for companion
    • 20% discount on massage or facial services for companion
    • Top up 100% cash back for prepaid cards with validity time extended the same period as your Wet card, even if it is longer.

    1. One month Wet

    • Free 60 mins body massage or equivalent
    • Price: VND 1,000,000
    • Valid: 1 month

    2. Six months Wet
    • Free 6 services of 60 mins body massage or equivalent
    • Price: VND 5,000,000
    • Valid: 6 months

    3. One year Wet
    • Free 12 services of 60 mins body massage or equivalent
    • Price: VND 9,000,000
    • Valid: 1 year

    Nam spa convenient Prepaid card

    Special offers
    • 50% discount on sauna and steambath
    • 10% discount on food and beverage
    • 20% discount on body massage or facial service for your companion
    • Remaining balance if any to be transfered to new cards

    1. 1M8 Prepaid
    • Credit: VND 1,800,000
    • Price: VND 1,310,000 (valid 1 month)
    • Price: VND 1,520,000 (valid 3 months)

    2. 3M6 Prepaid
    • Credit: VND 3,600,000
    • Price: VND 2,360,000 (valid 1 month)
    • Price: VND 2,890,000 (valid 3 months)

    3. 5M4 Prepaid
    • Credit: VND 5,400,000
    • Price: VND 3,410,000 (valid 1 month)
    • Price: VND 4,040,000 (valid 3 months)

    Gather points to become Nam's VIP 2018

    • Gather 5.000 points
    • Become VIP Silver
    • Enjoy 10% discount on payment invoice.

    • Gather 20.000 points
    • Become VIP Gold
    • Enjoy 20% discount on payment invoice.
    • Free 1 main service in 2017.
    • Free 1 main service in your month of birth.

    • Gather 50.000 points
    • Become VIP Platinum
    • Enjoy 30% discount on payment invoice.
    • Free 3 main service in 2017.
    • Free 1 main service in your month of birth.

    • Every VND 1,000 equals to 01 point for all Namspa's services purchase
    • Accumulated points is accrual on your spending in 2017.


    Whether you spend an hour or a whole day, the information below will help you get the most out of your time

    • Booking appointment

      At NAM, peak hours are often late afternoons and weekends (especially Saturdays), so book as far in advance as possible in order to ensure getting the particular time, day, and therapist you want. It's easiest to accommodate you during off-peak hours, which are often in the mornings and mid-week. If you will be attending NAM with a gift certificate, it is a good idea to mention it so that we can advise you of any policy that may affect its use.

    • Therapists

      There are around 10 well-trained male therapists on our staff. If you have a preference, don't hesitate to let your choice be known. Do realize that your first choice may not always be available.

    • Arrival

      If this is your first day visit, let the receptionist know when you arrive. They are very accustomed to first-time guests and usually provide a more detailed reception. Sometimes our staff will ask you to complete a questionnaire on your first visit to provide them with medical and contact information. This is another reason to arrive early.

    • Cancellations

      We don’t have the cancellation policies which require either your partial payment or full payment. But we needs to pay our therapists even if a client doesn't show up. Your understanding is highly appreciated. If you must cancel an appointment, give us as much advance notice as possible. Approximately 24 hours' notice is minimum to cancel a single service, and 48 hours or more is usually required for a package of services. This gives us enough time to fill the slot.

    • Attire

      Most people come to the spa in very casual attire-something they can easily slip off and put away in small lockers. At our spa, some treatments can be done while you're fully clothed, but others are best received in the light boxer. Facilities such as the DRY and WET rooms may be enjoyed with towel wrap. There are always towels and usually boxers and slippers provided, please check at the locker area.

    • Communicating your preferences

      All aspects of treatment can usually be modified to your taste: amount of light, kind (or absence) of music, room temperature, and whether or not you choose to have a conversation or enjoy the treatment in silence. If you want the therapist to go deeper or be gentler, let him know. Also, feel free to ask questions. Your therapist will appreciate knowing your thoughts and clarifying any issues you may have. If any part of your experience is unsatisfactory, first tell the therapist. We are sorry that not all of our therapists are good at foreign languages in conversation so if the response isn't helpful, ask to speak to a supervisor.

    • Medical conditions

      If you have any type of medical condition, be sure to mention it when you book an appointment. Certain treatments may not be advisable for you. Also, before your treatment begins, let your therapist or aesthetician know of any medical concerns. Tell the technician if you're wearing contact lenses before you have a facial.

    • Shaving

      If you must shave, do so at least two hours before your scheduled appointment, particularly if you're receiving a facial.

    • Sun and spa going

      Try to avoid the sun on the day of treatment and, in some cases, the day after.

    • Eating and drinking

      Try not to eat for at least an hour before a treatment, and avoid the consumption of alcohol on the day of a treatment. Drink plenty of water before and afterward, especially if heat therapies, such as a DRY or WET rooms, are part of your day spa experience.

    • Smoking

      You are not allowed to smoke in the therapy area. Please enjoy your smoking at the relaxation areas. And please be mindful of others who don’t want to be passive- smokers.

    • Gratuities

      In NAM, gratuities are included in the price of the service. If you would like to prize the quality of the service you may of course leave your tipping in the box at the counter. The sum will be awarded to the therapists at the end of the month. You are kindly asked not give the money to the therapist directly.

    • Using shared facilities

      Before entering therapy area upstair, you will be required to take a shower. When enjoying the DRY or WET rooms, always sit on your towel or boxer and wear the slippers provided by the spa. For the courtesy of the others, please keep all facilities clean after your using.

    • Cell phones

      Because the spa environment is supposed to be a tranquil and stress-reducing experience, it's best to leave cell phones and pagers at home or turn them off before entering the spa.

    • Children

      NAM has age restrictions. Children are generally not allowed so that the ambiance remains as relaxing as possible. Teens may be accommodated for certain services or at certain times.

    • Socializing

      When in the relaxation room and elsewhere in the spa, be mindful of others. Keep conversations at a low volume.


    91/10 Hoa Hung Street, District 10, HCMC
    +84 28 6264 9430

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    Just for your information

    It takes # 20 minutes from the downtown to our spa (by taxi or by motocycle - XE OM). It costs you # 100 000 VND (5USD) from the downtown to our spa by taxi or half price by motocycle. Reliable taxi: MAILINH (08) 38 38 38 38 or VINASUN (08) 38 27 27 27) Please print the map and hand it to the driver. It is not difficult to find us.



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